Chef Talk

Ever wondered who is behind our excellent cuisine? Well today we’re venturing into the kitchen to have a chat with Ian Carre, Head Chef at the Lobster & Grill, for the first in a series of short interviews to help you get to know our culinary experts!

1) Where did your career begin?
I started as an apprentice at L’Atlantique Hotel at Perelle when I was 15.

2) Why did you want to be a chef?
I enjoyed cooking at home and at school.

3) What is your favourite dish to cook and why?
I like cooking seafood and fish as I love using local produce.

4) Are you a fussy eater?
No, I like to eat new food.

5) Can you share your worst kitchen nightmare?

6) Over the years what has been your most memorable cooking experience?
Producing ‘Apprentice of the Year’ winning dishes at the Salon Culinaire.

7) You must work hard at The Lobster and Grill – what do you get up to when you’re not sweating in the kitchen?
I spend my time catching up with the family and going fishing.

8) Who would you most like to cook a meal for?
I just love cooking for my family and friends.

9) Who is your favourite celebrity chef?
Marco Pierre White.

10) After a night on the town I like a good chips, cheese and gravy from the takeaway – what’s your favourite fast food?
I’m not a fast food eater but I love a cheese platter with a nice glass of red wine.

11) What would you cook if you were trying to impress a lady?
A nice platter of freshly caught langoustines followed by a Dover sole meunière with new potatoes and green beans.
(Ed: Mmmm, that sounds superb!)

12) Do you swear in the kitchen when the pressure is on?
Never! Not in the kitchen or anywhere else.

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